Mareks Disease? Or something else...

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    Aug 24, 2016
    Hello All,

    I have a golden sex link that is stimbling. She is about 12 weeks. Separated her 2 days ago and she can't stand. She will eat heartily moist ground food, and I have started her and her coop mates (3) on Corid as I thought there was blood in her droppings. The vet took a look at her droppingson and saw eggs so started her on a dewormer too. She stillcan't stand and is actually laying to one side. I am thinking this is Mareks as she has not improved. My Americauna pulle is now dozing off when standing. So, as hard as it is, should I cull the sexlink and how to I protect the remaining 3?
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    Hi Imggabe,

    welcome to the BYC forum. So sorry to hear that your sex-link is sick. -- Marek's is a virus - so antibiotics wouldn't be helpful. Sadly most chickens that get Mareks show symptoms as they begin to mature and approach laying their first eggs.

    Did the vet give you any helpful advice on how to deal with the situation? -- The virus is airborn and most likely your remaining 3 have been 'exposed' -- You can try a tight biosecure quarantine to isolate the sick bird --

    Here is a link to a Marek's fact site -- there is a ton of information on Marek's disease and a lot of links.

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