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    Feb 9, 2013
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    One of my hen who is a year old just died from mareks disease. Something I had never heard of until today. I have six other chickens all not vaccinated. Wht is the chance that they will develope this disease also. Was she just the first and the others are still in the latent/incubation phase? Three of my hens were purchased with the hen who passed today and the other three are 7 week old pullets that we hatched as chicks. Be honest if u think I might lose my entire flock. Or if u have any advise/tips on what I should do I'm all ears. Thank you, emily
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    Under 50 percent are usually affected if not vaccinated. Many birds are naturally resistant.
    I would just keep an eye out for any issues and cull immediately.
    Good ventilation and good sanitation help.

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