Marek's Disease

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    Has anyone had any experience with Marek's disease in birds. It looks like I lost 2 quail a few weeks ago to it (based upon necropsy findings). The remaining quail are seeing the vet tomorrow. They've been in quarentine since I purchssed them but I did use the same shop vac on the quail as well as my chicks that I hatched in January and February. So the chicks haven't left the basement brooders yet because of the horrible weather here. So my main flock of chickens hasn't come in contact with the quail or the shopvac as they live outside in their coop.

    What's been your experience with Marek's? Will using the same shop vac to clean areas with spread the disease to other birds?

    I was sure to wash my hands between handling the quail and chicks, so as to to spread germs. I didn't even think about the shopvac until today.

    I feel like Marek's is the AIDS or other STD of the bird world.

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    I'm really sorry about your quail you lost to Marek's Disease. Just to be on the safe side you might want to stop using the shop vac on the chicks' enclosure. It may not spread the virus, but why risk it?

    I have not experienced Marek's myself, but I have read enough about it on BYC to be worried, so I had my last chicks vaccinated by the hatchery. I think you can order the vaccine for any chicks you hatch yourself in the future. I believe it is available on line.

    Here is a link to some more info:

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