Marek's highly suspected, what are the chances of her pulling through

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    Jan 19, 2013
    Our flock is 11 weeks old. 2 weeks ago we lost one, and last night another to sudden death. This morning we have one that we have brought inside and feeding. She can not stand, seems very thin but otherwise looks great. She balances some with her wings and everyonce in a while will pull her legs underneath herself. She is snoozing off a lot but looks up and around when there are noises. Her eyes look bright. Poop seems normal but light greenish in color. She has pecked at her food and drank water. I have spoon fed her a bit of water with St. Johns Wart dissolved in it. No change in her after 10 hours. What are the chances that she will recover, if it is Marek's? When should we just give in and dispatch her? Any one have luck saving those with Marek's once infected? It so happens to be a holiday weekend so no help from our USDA extension offices. We do plan on having last nights loss and her (if no recovery) tested.
    Any insight and advice is greatly appreciated. We are also concerned about friends flock. They do not live near but we visit frequently.

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