Mareks in a 4 wk old chick


6 Years
Jun 17, 2013
A few days ago, I noticed one of my Red Ranger chicks was walking strangely, more of a waddle, few-steps-sit-down; then yesterday, it wasn't walking anymore at all, and seem to rock back into a "sitting" position on it's butt. Today, the poor thing was having trouble just staying upright, kept sprawling over on it's side, so we finally just put it down. Now, however, after doing some research on it's symptoms, I'm getting a little scared. I have 100 (Well, 99 now) broiler chicks and 25 layer pullets; one of the pullets was in with the Re Ranger, as her buddies have decided she's very tasty. I don't have pictures and we threw the carcass out...any advice would be wonderful.
Thank you!
There are disorders other than Mareks that can cause birds to become nonambulatory. While Mareks is a possibility, it may be that bird was injured, or had some other problem. Unless you start seeing other birds affected, don't let it ruin your pleasure in your flock. Sadly if it is Mareks there is not really anything to be done.
1muttsfan, thank you for your response; today, I found a CX is the same shape, just sitting. Both birds were eating fine still, and alert and not happy about being handled so there ANYTHING else that has the same symptoms as Mareks that anyone can think of? I'm raising these birds for sale and thought of losing 100 broilers makes me want to cry.

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