Mareks or what???


6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
I am new to BYC and to chicken rearing. We have an approx. 6 week old chick, white leghorn that is having problems standing. We thought it was an injury as it seemed to have trouble balancing on it, but could move it and put weight on it, but seemed to brace it before-hand. Then, a week ago, it started doing a split - right out in front, left out behind (This is what got me thinking Mareks - saw the position described on the UNH extension website). Not paralyzed, but no long standing. Started hobbling it for spraddle and it seemed to respond, but is staying down on its hocks, its feet stay curled up, and its got some diarhea. It still is eating and drinking well, Any advice would be appreciated

I am not an expert but yes this looks like classic Marek's disease. there are many people here on this site who are very knowledgeable about this illness and who are dealing with it themselves. I'm sure they have some helpful advice for you about living with Marek's disease.I've seen where they fashion a little sling type chair for their chickens so the chicken can sit more comfortable. I'm sure the people who have experienced this have some great tips to help. I read a sobering statistic that said Marek's is so prolific that more than 60% of unvaccinated poultry will become infected with Marek's. equally as disturbing over 5% of vaccinated poultry will still come down with Marek's. to be certain you can request a blood test. I'm truly sorry about your bird. hopefully someone more experienced can offer some good tips on living with Marek's.
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I have a white leghorn that started walking funny and had curled toes about three days ago. How is yours doing, was it Marek's or riboflavin deficiency? Here is a video of my baby, she appears healthy except her feet.


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