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    Ok [​IMG] I have 22 chicks that I received from the hatchery this week, they were all given the marek's shot. I now have 2 chicks, under a day old still in the bator. From what I have been told and read, if any chicks that don't have the shot are exposed to ones that don't, the ones that don't will contract the disease. Then I heard from one hatchery that she mixes unvaccinated and vaccinated (in her own personal flock), all the time with no issues and that they ship standard breeds w/ the shot and bantam breeds w/out the shot in the same box with no issue. I am just really confused and if anyone can give me links or info about this I would really appreciate it [​IMG] I do know in the end its all a personal choice, but I in no way want to danger these babies that I have helped bring into this world [​IMG]
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    I'm not going to get into whether you should vaccinate for Marek's or not. As you wisely said, that is a personal choice.

    The Marek's vaccination is actually made from the Turkey Marek's virus, not the virus that causes problems in chickens, so your unvaccinated chicks will not get Marek's from them because of the vaccination. I would not count on them to get the turkey Marek's and thus the protection but it may be possible.

    The Marek's vaccine does not prevent Marek's. Your chickens can still contact Marek's. The vaccination prevents the formation of the lesions that do the damage.

    If you raise turkeys and chickens together, your chickens will probably never show signs of Marek's, but your chickens may give your turkeys blackhead. It is a tradeoff.

    Editted after rereading your post. When you were told that the unvaccinated ones would get Marek's, they may have been refering to Marek's being extremely widespread. They may get Marek's but it will not be because of the vaccination.
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