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I have more questions about Mareks disease. I hope you all don't mind anohter post about this. It just seems there is so much confusion as to what the signs and symptoms can be etc.

The reason I am asking is I just purchased some silkies a little over a week ago that are between 8 months and 1.5 yrs old.
I was told one of the hens was broody when I got her. I've never had a broody hen so I thought her strange behavior was normal.

When we brought the birds home and set them in the pen (in basement) the broody hen kind of stumbled around and layed down. Thinking this was just the broody behavior I didn't thimk much of it.
The roo that we got walks with a limp and seems a bit off balance and kind of stumbles around. According to the original owner he at one point had been accidentally left out in the rain and when he was found is when his limp began.

So my questions are:

What are ALL of the possible symptoms for Marreks disease?

IF it is indeed Marreks disease will the other birds definately be carriers, sometimes be carriers?
IF the other birds don't show any signs or syptoms would that ensure me that the first two don't have Marreks?? (I don't think so but want your opinions)

Do they always die from Marreks? (I don't think so but???)
From what I"ve read if this is in fact Marreks that they can recover but they will be carriers. Does this mean that they should not be bred?
Will a carriers eggs pass the virus in their eggs?

I have given vitamins in the water, antibiotics in the water and switched to Tylan injections with no change. Although I don't know how much water the hen is drinking so if it is a vitamin deficiency I don't know how to get them into her. She doesn't want to swallow when I try to give it to her in the beak.

So what would you all do?? Next step?

Is there a test for Marreks without waiting for the bird to die from it?

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