Marek's survival???Pic added while sick

Marek's disease is not survivable. Our flock got Marek's a couple of years ago from one bird that we got at a swapping sale and it spread like wild fire. Marek's is spread by the birds or their feathers.So you could step on a feather of an infected bird and bring it to your flock on your shoe. We ended up culling the infected birds and bleaching everything. I think culling the bird before the disease spreads is your best option because I would rather have one dead chicken than an entire flock of dieing chickens.
Well then I am not sure what happened to my cochin so far I have been told Mareks or moldy food. Her symtoms were stumbling like she was drinking a sagging wing and when she fell she could not get up on her own. I put her on vit b12 crushed in food, tetracyclene and poly vi sol. Two weeks later she is up and running around like nothing happend to her? I am very stumped and afraid to put her in with my birds again. Any idea what could have caused this. No other birds have been sick but two had lice that I treated.
It's my understanding that chicks can "survive" Marek's, BUT usually will die of tumors later in life. Generally about the time they mature or shortly after. Also, they can remain carriers of the disease and spread it to others. I am fighting Marek's now in a flock of Columbian Rocks, started with 18 in April, down to 8. I have also lost 3 of my 2-year old Barred Rocks, I'm not sure if it's related, but I suspect it is. I would advise everyone to have day-olds vaccinated. I know I will never add any that have not been vaccinated. I plan to hatch some columbians in the spring if I ever get any eggs from my four remaining pullets. I WILL order the vaccine before that time. Hope your problem is not Marek's, I would not wish that on anyone.
I hope not it has been 3 weeks no other chickens have been sick yet. It took 2 weeks for her to totally recover. No symptoms in a week now

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