Marek's vaccine?

Would you vaccinate chicks for Marek's if you have unvaccinated chickens and turkeys?

  • I would only if my other chickens were also vaccinated

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  • I would only if I didn't also have turkeys

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Aug 28, 2018
I had a Polish pullet die of Marek's-like symptoms last month (no diagnosis) so I ordered the vaccine for my adorable, newly-hatched chicks.

Now people are telling me if I vaccinate them, they will expose my older, non-vaccinated chickens, and I will lose some. They also say they will expose and KILL my turkeys because the vaccine is live turkey Marek's .

I've been doing research all day. It is the live turkey virus, but the chicks will be in the house at least 6 weeks not around the turkeys or grown chickens. I've been finding materials varying from it's perfectly safe to it will kill all my existing birds. I'm running up on the deadline to vaccinate the chicks and have no idea what to do! I don't like wasting money or risking the new babies, but I refuse to put my flock in such danger.

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I answered your other thread already.. in that your older chickens would not be effected by the vaccine, but I wouldn't use it if I had turkeys... in addition to..

I won't allow vaccinated chicks or birds to essentially become typhoid mary's of Marek's to the rest of my flock... I rather have the disease kill itself out and have those who are resistant still standing... :oops: there has been one gene identified that creates resistance to MDV in chickens...

It's a very personal choice! I would look for something with dead virus vaccine if I was going to keep turkeys and use a live vaccine.... before my next hatch... and meanwhile these babes run the risk.. good nutrition is key... some strains are deadly than others... and if your deceased bird did have Marek's your other birds (chickens) have already been exposed....

Most accurate and well written Marek's information I have seen...
Check the Merck Manual, and call your state veterinarian for advice. Here in Michigan, our poultry expert is Dr. M. Fulton at the Michigan State U. Veterinary Path. Lab.
Getting a firm diagnosis is best, and then have a plan.

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