Marek's Virus

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    Dose All Chicks Need To Or Have To Be Vaccinated For Marek's ? I Have Three,,Three Week Old Chicks, that Looks Good To Me, And All I Do Is Make Sure the Brooder Is Clean, And There Water, And I Feed them Starter Feed!! For Three Week Olds, I think there really Big for There Age..But I'm New At this And These Are My First Chicks That I've Incubated..But Back To The Virus's,, I've Read On Here Of Chicks At 7 or 8 Weeks Getting Mareks !!! What I think Would Be Nice And Helpful Is If there Was A List Of All the Diseases,,What To Look For,,And what the cure Is And What To Vaccinate For At The Time Of Haching..I'm New To All This Like I Said,,, And I Enjoy All My Birds...This Is Something I Always Wanted To Do..But The More I Read About diseases, And Vaccinations, I Don't Know Any More....Maybe I'm Makeing It Worse Then It Really Is,,I Hope I Am...I Just Think It's As Neat A Heck To see A Chick Hatch,And Watch It Grow And Knowing You Had A Hand In It... I Talked About That For Almost A Week Or Longer When My Chicks Hatched....And One More Thing...I'm Very Thinkful To Eveyone On These Forms For there Help, And I Enjoy Reading Others As Well....Take Care....Mitch.... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I'd suggest you talk to your county extension agent (in the phone book under county government) about this. They will know what diseases are prevalent in your area and will be able to provide expert guidance. In my opinion, what you do about vaccinations depends a lot on your specific area. My extension agent lined me up with an expert in my area and, after discussion, I elected to not get mine vaccinated for anything. Your area may be different.

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