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I believe my flock has Markeks. I've lost about 10 chickens in the past few months (all under the age of 6 months and I believe some of those were the initial carriers) and now my fav rooster's legs are paralyzed (he's 6 months old). He has been a "special needs: roo since day 1 and have brought him back from certain death a few times, He eats and drinks fine and waddles around.. My question is has anyone ever had a chicken recover from being paralyzed due to Mareks? PLEASE no advice from anyone telling me to cull the rest of my flock because I'm not doing that. Just want to know if recovery for him is a possibility (even if it's a small one :) Thanks!
Never heard of recovery.
I'm not going to tell you to cull your flock. They don't all succumb.
Survivors are resistant.
I will tell you to get a necropsy so you know for sure what you're dealing with.
Usually when the second one dies with the same symptoms it's time for a necropsy.
If you're in AZ, here's your lab.

Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
2831 North Freeway
Tucson, Arizona 85705
Phone: 520-621-2356 Fax 520-626-8696
They have all had different symptoms and some none at all, just found them lethargic one day and dead the next...the nearest place for me to get that done is a 3 hour drive.
You can mail the carcass.
Here's the instructions.

Marek's has a wide variety of symptoms including sudden death of apparently healthy birds.

I had a lethargic hen on her death bed and drove her the 7 hour roundtrip to our University poultry lab for euthanasia and necropsy. The necropsy was $75.
It was well worth the time and money knowing what was wrong and not having to treat the other birds on the property prophylactically.
It also put her out of her misery. She had cancer.
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