Marigold has become Dubloon and he's a guard rooster.


11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
I've been in denial for awhile about the fact that my 3 month old BO is a roo. I kept hoping it was a freak of nature - just a really masculine pullet. This morning, my SIL dropped by and the chickens were still in their night cage in my room. One side is against an uncovered window so they can get dawn light before I get up. Well, Keith was pacing around waiting for me to come get the door, the dogs barked and the roo crowed-- twice. He stopped when he saw me come outside. Oh boy. I'm just hoping his mate(RIR) is still a hen. lol
It is so sweet to hear a roo starting their crowing. Fingers crossed your other is a hen.
I was in denial all last spring over the same issue...we had straight run BOs and five of the six turned out to be roos (also 6 of 6 "straight run" BRs, but that's another story).

I know I spent a lot of time trying to convince myself that I was seeing male/female differences among the roos.

Good luck with Doubloon, what a great name!

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