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6 Years
Sep 12, 2013
Kentville, Nova Scotia ,Canada
just wanted to say hi guys. I've been a ''lurker'' for a while now. got some great ideas on a coop and a tractor. I keep finding new things everytime i'm on here! great info , keep up the great reads!

so greetings from Nova Scotia Canada!

thank you very much! I've been raising meat kings for years. decided to get into having pets, and eggs.then chicken math started to take over! I have a friend who raises meat birds for commercial use. I got a lot of great tips from her on raising them better. so since I now have pets, I needed info on how to raise everything better and safer.

it started with 3 problem roosters given to now comprises of about, 4 ducks, 4 quail, 12 silkies, 5 Columbia rocks, 10 bar rocks,5 easter eggers, 4 banty rhode island reds, and about 10 more ''mutts''. i'm lacking on ''terminology'' , and knowledge, but i'm on here giving it a try!

so plans are for turkeys for meat ,about 12 more leghorns for egg production, 10-12 more quail hens, and of course our regular meat birds every year!

darn chicken math!!! lol

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