marysville richwood Ohio area: beautiful pekin Drake who needs a flock


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Apr 22, 2013
My beautiful 1 year old pekin duck drake lost his only friend today and I am emotionally not able to bear another heartbreak of seeing him lonely. I am not ready to get more ducks but I love him.... i neeed to get him in with a flock of backyard ducks. We have a pond so he is used to water. Free to a good home who is not planning to eat him. Seriously. He is a beloved pet. I am so sad that I lost my girl today... he is going to be even more distraught.

Message me if you are interested. I am in union county Ohio. Thanks
i am located in delaware ohio and i have a lonely pekin girl. i might be able to give your boy a home. please let me know
Oh wow....that's great!. I also would consider keeping him if I could find a few more ducks because I really love him. It is definitely a catch 22. I have not been able to find anyone looking 2 part with adult females. Duckings would take too long. If you arethe right home for him I am willing to deliver :) I have abig bad of feed too. My number is614-572-4991 and my name is Amy. Email is [email protected] .... do you put your female in at night?
shes got a little duck coop that she lays her eggs in and goes into at night . the only thing is that she has a huge kiddie pool not a pond. she also has a 5 foot or so tall pen to protect her from predators and i let her free range with the chickens sometimes when im at home.
Thanks! Homer (terrible name for a duck LOL) grazes free all day because I work from home...when they eat in the spring and summer they go thru so much less feed -- it's crazy :) Kiddie pool is good as long as there is something. We have a huge pond that he is pretty in love with ;-) When it snowed or the weather was really really cold I'd leave them in the barn. They had access to the outdoors at all times because there's a small door from their home that leads to a fenced in they weren't stuck in all day when I didn't want to let them out to graze. I am not trying to be weird or picky -- Just want what is best for him :)
I left a heat lamp on all winter -- I don't have a heated water bowl so I had the water near the light so it didn't freeze. I know they are just ducks but I spoiled the crap out of them. SERIOUSLY! Pics of his home and him :)

im interested my female lost her mate to a dog, ive since created a 10x20 foot fenced in peremiter with a small pond for her and a solid wood duck hose for at night , she is just so lonely, i feel bad for her. Her name is abagial and her mate was named henry, she is also a peking.
I will let u know a time that we could come pick him up. This would be wonderfulfor my pretty pekin lady.
If you go to Happy Trails (it is in Minerva, Ohio) they always have ducks up for adoption. We just adopted 2 and they are SO sweet!

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