Massacre in the coop


In the Brooder
Jul 22, 2016
Mobile Al
All 8 of my chickens were killed!!!! I'm so upset!
We had hardware cloth over their coop entrance and something chewed their way through. It took one but left the rest.
I thought they were so safe since we were using the thicker material. Someone please help me on how to keep this from happening again.
They were confined to their coop. I'll get pics later it's pouring here. We had a door made and hardware cloth over that and it predator chewed through that and busted in, killing them all. A friend told us to put them in there for about two weeks so they would know where to go at night time. So I thought they were so safe.
I honestly didn't look close. I not a "true farmer" so I was attached to these chicks. So when I saw them all laid out dead I ran and didn't inspect it much. But I will once my husband hoses out the blood.
Well I figured it out. I went to go check it out. They chewed the zip ties that was holding their temp door on until they were big enough for their run
The hard ware cloth was ripped a little bit but the ties popped off and they pushed open the door.
I bought two cages so hopefully I'll catch the stupid coons
Serious predators require serious predator protection; the 'Ft. Knox' coop and run. Many of us have had awful experiences, and over time have learned that there's no such thing as 'too safe'. My current coop and run combination, ugly but solid.


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