mateing / neck biteing peking duck


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5 Years
Apr 20, 2014
Gold Country, Ca
No Bite Question ....My male and female pekings are 2 years old. They are inseparable(they freak if their not together). Their constantly mateing (although theres never been any eggs layed) They free range but spend the whole day playing/practicing grabbing each other by the back of the neck. The female is now bald and scabbed up on her neck from all the ruff housing.... for sometime it hasn't looked to bad (im constantly keeping an eye on it) but its been starting to look very irritated and border line infected. I can handle the medical care aspect of it, but IS THERE SOMTHING OUT THERE (WATERPROOF/SAFE FOR THE DUCKS) THATS SOME SORT OF NO-BITE TO SAVE MY FEMALES NECK ??? bitter apple didn't seem to do the trick. thank you for your help.

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