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Oct 15, 2010
I haven't been able to free range my chickens because of all the neighborhod cats so they are almost always in the coop. The floor of the coop is 4' x 12'. Originally, the ground was covered by hardware cloth to prevent animals from entering. On one 4' x 4' section, I cut the mesh, then folded it below the framing member and buried it on the outside of the coop. Anything that tries to dig down outside the coop with be stopped by the hardware cloth. I still have a 4' x 8' section with hardware cloth. Can I just cut it out or should I go through the same hassle I went through with the 4' x 4' section? It is a tractor, so if it is moved I will need to go through the same hassle again. It was nice to see the scratching around in the dirt in the 4' x 4' section. Should I worry about animals digging below at night?
I have hardware cloth aprons on all my runs and tractors. For the tractors, the aprons also help close the gap around the bottom on any area of the lawn that isn't perfectly level.
A neighbor's dog killed a small rooster I had. Then we got a large Cochin rooster. He has backed down all dogs who
have come to the property. Maybe the solution to being able to let your chickens free range would be a junk yard dog
type of rooster.

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