May Hatch Thread--Fill up those bators n' broodies!


10 Years
May 18, 2010
This is a thread for all hatching taking place in the month of May! Feel free to join us!!!

I will be getting my eggs on the 27th, but will be setting 1 dozen bantam BR, 6 RIR, 6 BR, 6 AM, 6 Wellies, and 12+ serama!
I'll definitely join! I set 13 call duck eggs and 4 mixed eggs this past Friday! They are supposed (key word: supposed!) to hatch May 10. When the call duck eggs arrived they had wacky-wobbly air cells, so I hope they do all right. I've been keeping the humidity at about 45% because the air cells seemed rather big. Today I "practice" candled and I saw a little bit of red lines in some :)
Oh I forgot, I also have a broody d'Anver who will be getting 4 d'Anver eggs in a few days once she proves she's committed ;)
I've got eggs in now due may 5. 15 Swedish flower hens. They're shipped so hoping for a good hatch. Also have 15 blue/black ameracauna that were shipped to go in tomorrow night. Have more Swedish flower coming, Ancona ducks coming and maybe some Icelandics. I've also got 3 mystery swaps that could be eggs coming whenever they get shipped. I think I've overfilled my incubators again!
I am also in!
Went to an auction this weekend, and ended up with 5 dozen mixed flock hatching eggs.
So now I have 42 in the turner, and 14 laying around the edge of the turner.
They are set to hatch on May 5th.
I figure about day 7 I will candle, and maybe by then they will all fit in the turner.
Of course these eggs were not shipped, so I spose they will all look good at day 7, then I am not sure what I will do :}
Hello from CT! I set 44 eggs last Thursday and Friday and they should be hatching around May 3rd!!!! 17 assorted silkies, 15 wheaten/blue wheaten ameraucanas and 12 wheaten marans. I will be candling on Thursday and can't wait to see what I find... hopefully mostly good news :)

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