May have scored a new bator


11 Years
Dec 3, 2008
I put a wanted on Free cycle and got a hit within 12 hours. I am waiting for the person to get back to me but she said she had a "large bator". I have visions of a sportsman dancing in my head!
Oooooh, how exciting.
Be careful. The spam reply I received said the person had two just sitting in the garage not used for a couple months and the girlfriend wanted them gone. He said he couldn't figure out how to post a pic on freecycle so he included a link to see the picture on another site. When I clicked on the link it took me to a site that you had to 'complete this free offer' to join in order to view anything. Needless to say, I didn't complete any offers or reply to his email. Spam, maybe something else, not taking that chance.

I hope yours is a legitimate offer!

Yesterday I went to pick up the bator. It actually is a Aluminum brooder unit (the stackable kind) it looks to be in pretty good shape. I had an EMT class last night so I had no time to test it out. I will do that toady and report here/

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