Maybe a silver gray dorking...maybe not?


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Apr 10, 2014
Desert Southwest
Hi Everyone!

I just got a foursome of laying hens from a lady on Craigslist. The other three were easy to identify but this little girl has me stumped. She looks like a silver gray dorking and has the "spur" or fifth toe. However her comb is very small, as it the rest of her. Her disposition is friendly but she was top bird in her previous small flock despite being the smallest one.

From all I have read, this breed is very hard to find. The lady I got her from acquired her last June (spur of the moment "oh what a cute fuzzy chick" purchase) at a flea market and has no idea where she really came from. I live in the desert southwest and there are no breeders in the region. I'm having a hard time believing that a silver gray dorking or silver dorking cross is what I really have but what else could she be?

Thanks for any and all help everyone!
I should also have mentioned that all my girls lay cream/brown eggs and I haven't gotten anything else as of yet. However, I have only had this one for two days so I don't know if she's layed yet.
OIC. I had seen the spur called a fifth toe so I wasn't sure. The game hen also seems much more in line with her size, comb and disposition. I knew I would get an answer here, thanks again!
Eh, just putting this out there... The very best looking 'Silver Gray Dorking' I've ever seen wasn't a true Silver Gray Dorking at all. She was a total mongrel, bred from already very mixed mongrels whose genetics included Light Sussex, Welsummer, Black Australorp, Silkie (white full sized birds with the black flesh, skin, and turquoise earlobes), Barnevelder, Croad Langshan, RIR, and assorted other breeds long since mixed into a fine mess. But no Silver Dorking in the recent ancestry, I've never owned one and neither had anyone I got the already mongrelized ancestors from. None of the birds were purebreds either, but none were mixed with SGD... Anyway, point being, that coloring can pop up out of a random mix. She might have been a throwback to a distant progenitor. She might not be purebred anything.

Best wishes.
Well she's cute and funny whatever she is. I'm not into chickens for the breed or show, I just like the fun and the eggs. This girl settled right in with my existing flock (four barred rocks, four white rocks, two golden comets, two black australorps and a rhode island red) and everyone seems to be getting along well after a few minor scuffles.

Thanks for the answers everyone! I appreciate the knowledge, experience and fun chicken stories.
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K, your Dorking is beautiful. I think they are not well known in the US, especially in the west. You are lucky to have such a pretty girl. How is her disposition?

I have been thinking about adding a new coop and a second flock next year. The space where my current flock lives can't be added on to so I will have to make a completely new coop and yard. I previously went with commonly well known "good" layers. For my second flock, I think I am going to focus on more rare or heritage breeds. I like the idea of carrying on tradition and helping to keep rare breeds going. I still need good layers, however.

Any suggestions anyone?

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