Maybe another Roo 2 B??


Apr 23, 2021
PATTEN maine
So these two are the ones in question, two, six month old bantams, thought both were pullets, both looked exact or so I thought, and by that I mean comb,(barely exhistant so I couldn't tell) waddles barely, saddle feathers, hackles, until today, one has a bright pink taller comb (as of last few days especially) holds self different (stance) closer look today at saddle n hackle feathers, there's a difference although not huge difference still a difference, there's a few saddle feathers that are sharp unlike in the one with more white, also sharper hackles, but not extreme as far as difference I dunno maybe there isn't a difference but that but looks like a he the more I look, she's built slightly different too... the one I'm inquiring about is on the left, more black spots than white n black and I'm not even sure if there's a coloring hint to sex with these guys/girls, they were mismarked at TSC but I thought they were both pullets, was confident until today.. I'll get better pics tomorrow I know these don't show what's needed.. Just wanted to start thread


Bantam Queen
6 Years
Apr 28, 2016
New York
They are both pullets. At six months, a cockerel would be obvious by now, with a big, red comb, pointed saddle and hackle feathers, crowing, and mounting the hens.

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