Maybe busted egg inside my hen?

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  1. I have noticed that my hen has not had her usual egg in her place for about the past 4 days. I just thought that she might not be laying or that she had laid somewhere else as she has been known to do before. But tonight when they started to go up for bedtime, I noticed that her rear was messy with a clump of white all clumped up. She looked and seemed fine otherwise, and I was not able to get her right then and check it out to see what had happened, but I think that it is possible that an egg may have busted when she laid it or on the way out or something. Husband said that her rear looks red to him, but I couldn't see it. I am going to go out and get her and bring her inside and check her out to see what has happened, was waiting for her to get settled down and sleepy before I got her. It is below freezing here tonight and will be tomorrow and the next couple of days too. What should be the first thing that I do, cut away the clump from her feathers and clean her rear with warm water? Should she stay inside tonight? I read somewhere that Preperation H or Lotrimin should be applied to the area. Should I put it on just the outside of her rear or inside as well? Should I crush up a Tums and give it to her in some water or something also? When would I need to put her in a warm bath? I would like to avoid that if possible since it is so cold here and wouldn't want her to get sick with a cold or something from being wet. Even if she's inside it would still be cold being wet. I need to know something pretty quick so I can go get her and know what to do when I do. Thanks everyone! Seems like it's just one thing after another around here! :/
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    I would put on a rubber glove and feel inside the vent with one finger 1-2 inches for a stuck egg. The white could be urates (or urine) that is just stuck on her feathers from diarrhea or just poo. You can break it off, and trim feathers around the vent. I probably would not get her wet with cold temperatures. With the decrease in light for winter, many chickens will take a break in laying. You could bring her inside just to watch her, but put her back outside in the AM if she is acting okay.
  3. That sounds great! I hope that's all it is and just poo or something like that. Yep, I wouldn't want to keep her in and separated if it wasn't necessary since she only has her sister and the baby out there with her, and they all get along great right now. Wouldn't want that to change. I hope it's not anything serious, just wanted to see what would be my plan of action in case it is the problem. Thanks, will let you know what I find out.
  4. Ok! Went out and got her and checked her out and everything is fine. It was just some white poop that had gathered up on her feathers under her butt. Got it all off and clipped the feathers around there and put her back out. She's fine! Whew!!! Scared me so bad. She is one of my special girls. Which they are all special but she and her sister are the only ones I have like that and they are so sweet and tame. Her sister is the one that got almost eaten by a predator last year and I had to keep her in my hospital for about 3 wks trying to make her live and heal up. It was successful! So she's fine! Thanks a bunch! At least I'll know what to do if I ever have that kind of trouble. Her butt was not red, it was just the skin was showing where the dirty feathers were pulling.

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