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I love my ducks, but they are definitely a lot more responsibility that I expected. I know its very common for people to get ducks as an impulse buy. I believed, I was making an informed, responsible decision making my purchase. I did my homework, waited over a month before ordering them, prepared. Continued to learn the entire time they were eggs.

What was I thinking buying 30 duck eggs!? I'm sad they didn't all hatch. And I'm sad a few have died. But I have 13 ducklings and it's at least a part-time job, I would argue full-time. I feel a little bit like those very young, uneducated, poor moms that have 3 kids.

If they were all around, they would all have a lower quality of life.

I would say I'm doing my best, but there's always room for improvement, right? To do better, I want some feedback on a few ideas of mine. If they're good, maybe they'll help others.

Also, please share your knowledge! Maybe even secrets or 'outside the box' experiences
(the wink ;) face looks scary IMO lol)

I read somewhere about the idea of using something as bedding, that is not typically used. I believe it was for another animal but the material properties and major pros. That kind of all I remember, besides all the responses were positive and filled with excitement. What is it? I'm going through bedding at an insane speed, and I'm being cheap about it, and its probably going to increase even more now that they're on week 2.

Originally, I thought their first home would last a lot longer. Then there would be 1 to 4(max) upgrades before they were ready to live in the greenhouse. Now, I think its time for upgrade 3 already. I randomly stopped at walmart yesterday to see if any items sparked a creative idea in me. I only found one thing unfortunately, but its perfect! And at a great price :)

They have tons of wooden creates outside. Their dumpster is already filled and overflowing with them, so they started stacking them on the ground :) This idea came to me from kid toys. Instead of building one solid structure, I could cut the sides and edged into pieces that fit together kind of like a puzzle. A lot of form play mats and plastic structures use this. That way rebuilds and upgrades are a snap. I also have plenty of the same material used for screen doors and decks.

I'm not actually sure it'll be worth the work to do this, as opposed to just typical taking apart and putting together. Maybe? But I'm sure the free wood walmart calls trash is gold :)

NeverWet. If you don't know it, google/youtube it. Amazing stuff with countless applications. I haven't used it yet, but I bought some. I haven't figured out yet the best way for the ducks to reap its benefits, but I know they exist. True, super waterproofing nano technology! And its only $9 at tractor supply. *I don't know if there are better prices or how much area a can is good for.

Well that's all I've got. I definitely need to know what that other material used as bedding was. I think I remember them also saying "they don't turn it all into sawdust."


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We must be in the same time schedule because you are alway posting as soon as look at the duck forms :) Anyway the material you are thinking of is pine pellets for horses. TSC has them and it's about $6 a bag.

You may be better off just doing smaller groups in tubs till you get your green house done. If you haven't noticed already it needs to get done ASAP. I have pekins and they are pretty much full grown now at 8 weeks. I have a pallet as a base for our house but with the amount of work that went into it you are better off just putting all your energy and time into their real house to get them out there.

The smaller the area the harder it is to keep clean and dry. The more room you have the better, which is why 3-4 large tubs might be better at this point. They grow really fast. Try a puppy pad under the pellets and shavings.

Also as a side note I found the reference to uneducated young mothers of 3 kids offensive.
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My schedule is completely random lol. I do random work/contracts and a decent amount I can do from home like business services; accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, some consulting etc. Now when tax season comes, that's another story. I'm never home. I have a huge client base, but I'll take new clients ;)

I started my 2nd garden a few months ago. The 1st one went badly, only 2 plants made it, 1.5 squash to eat :( This time I did more to be safe, but they're going great. So 200+ plants of all sorts, work from home, computer, and phone. And now ducks, make my schedule w/e is happening at the moment.

And I just got a Galaxy phone, upgraded finally from a Blackberry last week. That's using my free time, and making me expand social media way beyond FB now. But my social life has taken a major dip :( And social media just says ducks are so cute, omg i want, etc. Here I get to be social and focus on ducks. Notice how I have trouble typing a short reply? lol

I agree, a bigger home I think is more important than the bedding. But I'd love to combo it. I realized I needed a bigger home the 2nd day they were in :) I want to not just catch-up, but get a head of them and be prepared. So asap upgrade, and prepare for the one that'll soon follow I'm sure.

I figure if there home is the perfect size, then its too small. They need too big for sure. Like if you're on time, you're late. If you're early, you're on time.

I see what you mean about the reference btw. It meant a sort of struggling, in over my head, bit off more than I can chew. I didn't mean it offensively, but I could have choose a better, and non-offensive analogy.


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I found raising the ducklings to be quite a bit of work. It was a good experience, but it can be overwhelming.

I used old towels - the price was right, yet the downside was needing to shake out, wash out, and hang out the towels. And the ducklings grew so fast! We had Brooder I for two weeks, then Brooder II, and then Brooder III !!!

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