Maybe sick chicken?


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Jul 23, 2019
We have a chicken, about 3 months old, not laying yet. Just this morning I walked out to the coop and all the other chickens were laying together in a dust bath, but Diva was by herself laying down in a different spot. She never really enjoys being picked up but let me kids and just sat calmly with them and seemed to keep falling asleep. Her comb was very pale. We removed her from the rest of the flock. But the rest of the day she seemed pretty normal, other than being a bit confused/bored because she was alone... Her comb also redened back up almost as soon as we had quarantined her. Any ideas?
If she has something going on removing her from the flock can cause stress, so I wouldn't separate unless necessary. Does she eat and drink? Generally lethargy can be the symptom of many problems, so observing her for a few days to see if you see anything else is what I would do.
Mine get pale combs if they overheat, I keep a little plastic pool for them to stand in (about 2 inches of water freshened up daily) I think watching and waiting is the best idea.

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