Maybe sick hen? Maybe not?


Jan 7, 2021
I have a Jersey Giant hen (2 years old) that may or may not have an issue...

Two things I have noticed:
1, The area around her vent is red/raw and seems to be bare of feathers. I noticed this several weeks ago, but thought if she was really missing feathers she'd grow them back. She hasn't. She doesn't like to be picked up or approached (she's always been this way) so I haven't been able to examine her or get a photo.

2, She seems to be getting thinner. As a Jersey Giant, she's normally a very big bird --She would appear the same size as my buff orpington (the flock's alpha) but would weigh more if you picked her up. I guess the buff's feathers are more poofy. Anyway, she looks a little thinner than the buff.

She's laying eggs regularly (average of 5 eggs a week all spring) and doesn't seem to have any other obvious health issues. Not sure what to do here, if anything.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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