Maybe sick

Sep 30, 2021
What kind of vet? If it’s just an avian vet that takes chickens, they aren’t trained to learn about chicken or poultry specific diseases.
He is an exotic vet. He was better than my dog's vet lol but he had knowledge of chicken diseases and did a fecal test. I think he's the best I could expect but I still haven't reintroduced my hen because I trust my intuition. She has been with my other birds before the sneezing and they haven't caught it so I am thinking she is just weaker because of the initial infection (which she got over more than a year ago) but still not taking any chances.


Nov 1, 2019
Sandy valley,Nv
Which is just to say take it seriously because chickens, like all birds, have very sensitive respiratory systems. These two birds were in a very dusty enclosure when I got them and I attributed their sneezing to that but kept them separate anyway. My heart overruled my head-i wanted to rescue them and I shouldn't have done it. They're lovely girls but I knew I was making a mistake and did it anyway
She has not been anywhere that the others don’t go. Everyone else seems fine. No watery eyes or discharge coming from nose. So far. I’ll go check on her this morning. I don’t want to loose any more hens. She is not sneezing or making any funny noises. But I’m keeping her separate for now. I picked her up I don’t smell anything, nothing coming from eyes or nose. The waiting game begins. Thanks.

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