Maybe there are still people out there who are good...

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    Last Sunday my mom, sister , and I went into town for the usual errands ( grocery shopping , Costco , Wal-mart etc . ) . My SD came out for the weekend to hang out with me , but didn't want to go shopping ( can't blame her...I didn't want to either . ) . We were almost done shopping at Wal-mart when I get a call from SD saying that the horses are out...I tell her to grab some grain and halters...she tells me that she can't...that she's running down the highway trying to catch them . We park our cart , and haul butt 15 miles to my home ( wanted to bump the drivers out of the way who were driving 45 mph in a 70 mph zone ) . SD told me she finally found the horse a mile away , but didn't have halters or lead ropes . My sis dropped me off by the horses while she went up to my house to get the gear . While waiting for my sis to come back I talked with SD , she pointed out the other people who were there . The man and women that were there had seen my SD running down the highway and had turned around to see if anything was wrong . My SD was suspicious to get into the car....but saw that they had kids and told them the whole story . These amazing people helped out for an hour while they waited for me to show up , halters and lead ropes to show up , and make sure we caught the three horses . Even in a "small" town like ours , it's becoming rare that anyone will help out . I am so thankful that these kind people were there when I wasn't to help out in a very stressfull and dangerous situation . I wish that there were more people out there willing to help out those that need sure would make our world a better and happier place . My only regret was that I wasn't able to get these kind peoples names......with all of the rucus going on ( the horses ended up at a place where there was a stallion and my gelding was freaking out ) I didn't even think to ask there names .

    Thanks to all of you who are willing to make our world a better place....we need more people out there like that !

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    Amen! Keep the faith--there really are still SOME good people left in this world.
    Sometimes you have to look real hard, but they're there!
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    So nice when people help out!
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    Amen is right. There are good people out there. We just have to look real hard. So glad everyone is fine. [​IMG]
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    I still think there are MANY great people out there [​IMG] I think between fear of lawsuits and the things we see on the news, a lot of good people are simply afraid to put themselves out there these days. How wonderful that these kind folks weren't afraid to help [​IMG]
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    If you have a local newspaper, maybe you can write a 'letter to the editor' to thank them?

    I know how you feel... when I was in the military, we had a program called 'Airmen Against Drunk Driving'. Basically, they gave everyone cards with a phone number so if they were out drinking on the weekends they could call for a ride home, no questions asked. The drivers for the program were all volunteers and I was one of them. One night I got a call and had to go pretty far out to pick up this youngster and take him home. By the time I got him home, I was nervously eyeing up the gas guage and headed towards town to gas up before returning home. About 5 miles from the gas station, I ran out. It was around 2 AM at this point. I got out and walked, got to the station and had to buy a gas can, too. I started walking back, got about a mile down the road and a car pulled over. There was a lady on her way to work and she saw me on her way to the gas station. She mentioned it to the attendant and he told her that it was a lady that ran out of gas. So she drove back, picked me up and took me to my vehicle and refused any payment. After she dropped me at my vehicle, she turned around and headed back the direction that we had just come from, her workplace was about 10 miles beyond where she had picked me up. It was about 4 AM and she did that for me...

    I told my mom about it and she asked 'What if it was a guy trying to pick you up and he wasn't going to take no for an answer? I just told her... I had a full gas can in my hand and a lighter in my pocket... [​IMG]
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    Quote:This is exactly what I was going to suggest. It would probably make their day! And Frosty, I love your story!
  9. Quote:This. [​IMG] Just write exactly what was in your opening post and mail it in. Shoot, maybe could email it in!

    Let them, and all the other "good guys" in your area know that at least one person does appreciate them.
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    How awesome. [​IMG] It's nice to have your faith in humanity restored once in a while.

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