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    We recently ordered 30 guinea keets in various colors from McMurray just looking threw old post and now wonder if we made a good decision?..
    have any of you ordered from them in the past year?...if so, were there any problems with your orders/with the live keets? did all the babies arrive good
    health...disease free?? please let me know your experiences with McMurray...
    on a different note...I have a 3week old keet that has stopped using his leg/foot for getting around...hopping is how he gets around..but what could be wrong??
    any ideas? I can move his leg and foot and they seem ok but?... thanks in advance on all your input!
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    Mar 28, 2011
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    McMurray Hatchery is a reputable hatchery, I have several friends that order there often, keets and chicks. Have never heard anything bad about them, their breeding stock or their keets.

    Check the tendon over the back of the hock, if when the hock joint is bent there's a small bulge to the outside of the joint, or it looks swollen at all then it's possible the tendon has slipped out of the groove (commonly referred to "slipped tendon"). It is difficult to fix this condition, especially at that age, but maybe you caught it soon enough. The hock needs to be immobilized with a brace, and some sort of wrap over the joint itself used to keep the tendon in the groove at the same time. You may be able to find info on the exact method of bracing if you google "slipped tendon in poultry". The more that tendon moves while it's out of the groove the more swollen and painful it will get for the keet, and the less chance there is of correcting the problem. You may want to consult an avian vet... or just put the keet down if it has not responded to several days of being braced up.
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    Quote:[​IMG] I saw a few messages earlier this year that were talking about dead chicks or keets in the mail. Don't remember which places it was but I do believe it was more because they were "late winter/early spring" orders. This made me hesitate to the point that I missed the order window for the Chicks I wanted to buy from a private breeder. This time of year unless unusual circumstances happen is probably the optimal time of year for ordering in the mail. I did how ever order some Keets from PeepsCA and am soo happy I did.
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