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  1. fasschicks

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    Sep 10, 2013
    South Central Wisconsin
    I was looking over the McMurray website and see that they sell started pullets about 15-22 weeks.

    Has anyone ever purchased them from McMurray and what was your experience? Also curious on shipping costs and how they ship them. Didn't realize places shipped pullets.

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  2. N F C

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    Dec 12, 2013
    We got some day old chicks from MM back in April. We were very pleased with their birds and service. Another thing we liked was their shipping charges were better (lower) than the other online hatcheries we thought about. MM has a flat rate depending on your address so whether you get 15 birds or 25, that doesn't impact their postage charge. As a former business owner, I was impressed with how long they have been in business too (over 95 years). We will definitely use MM again for future chicks.

    We haven't ever bought started pullets so can't help you out in that regard, but I would suppose MM's would do as well with those as they did the day old chicks.

    Do some research on the various hatcheries; find out who has the breeds you want available, what their reputation is, what their shipping costs are, etc. BYC has some reviews on hatcheries under the "Reviews" tab. I think it is important to keep in mind that everyone has their own opinion (good, bad or indifferent) about everything...including hatcheries. Shipping is stressful for birds and I think some of the issues people have had with the birds that were shipped were due at least in part to the Post Office messing up. So no matter who you get shipped birds from, be sure to notify your PO a couple of times with your expected delivery date and ask that they phone you to pick the birds up yourself instead of having the birds ride along in a mail truck all day.

    Good luck, let me know if you get some pullets and how it goes for you!
  3. misfit acres

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    Sep 24, 2014
    Northern Indiana
    We have also ordered from MM, but the day old chicks. Very pleased with customer service & the way they operate. All the chicks were healthy & lively each time. Will order from them again!

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