MD Silkies eggs. Assorted colors


12 Years
Aug 8, 2007
Maryland 21787
My silkies are also laying a bunch of eggs.... and I hate to throw them away.

I have eggs from my white pen, buff pen, and cuckoo pen. I also have blue/black and partridge pens but haven't gotten any eggs from them recently. I can ship eggs ASAP.

Also have a bunch of juveniles available in every color...... prefer pick up on them.
i PM'd you
I just put new photos of some of my silkies on my flick album

these are juveniles and yearlings. The dark blue hen with the HUGE crest is not available, but I have some babies here that came from same breeding stock. The white males however are available... they are stunning, but I have too many males (in all colors)

I'll sell juveniles for $10 each, yearlings for $20.

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