Me again with yet ANOTHER question on Sebrights!


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I have a rather odd question.............. I have a hen that we named Big Momma. I know, its hilarious rite!
Anyways I also have this roo named rocky. They are both almost the exact same age. but heres the thing. Big Momma's feathers are a very pail gold, like you can see a definet shade of white, ( yes i do have all gold laced sebrights ) and Rocky's are a deep, lush gold. What I have been thinking is, could she be a mix between a Gold Laced Sebright and a Silver Laced Sebright? If anyone has a mix of Silver and Golden Sebrights, or have an explanation, could u pleez post them? Thanks!
Im not sure exactly how that trait works but I believe you could be right. I think that golden laced x silver laced will produce some poor goldens and some poor silvers and that you could cross the poor silver x poor silver to improve the silver... and the same with the poor golden laced

Krys, where are you
Hmm where to start...

When you cross a Silver and Gold laced bird (of any breed), depending on which parent is which will give you this:

Gold cock + Silver hen = Gold pullets and off-colored cockerels

Silver cock + Gold hen = Silver pullets and off-colored cockerels.

The cockerels will be the off color much like you described your hen to be. Do you have any pictures of her? My two guesses would be an badly colored gold or you could have a Citron Sebright. As far as I know, the Citrons are only available in the UK.

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