Meal worm ...... and algae !

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    Jun 22, 2016
    About 5 and a half months ago i was inspired ..thought ..what harm could it do ''grow em and eat em'' ... so went out ..built a little 6 sqm chicken tractor ... bought a 100kg worth of feed and 24 chickens got 19 full grown new hampshires (6 cocks and 13 hens) ... been a fun filled 5 months love watching them .. and refuse to slaughter them now.. they are pets !!! I let them out in the mornings and put them back with some effort at night ....But they don't want to lay eggs ... bought them grit ... put in fresh veg (tried carrots, spinach ..even hung a cabbage .... which they never touch) ... got them on layer pellets and cracked corn ... and just ordered in 3kg of mealworm ( partly because i wanna start a mealworm farm) ...and starting a pond to collect algae to mix in their feed ..... I WANNA SEE BABIES ...what am i doing wrong ???
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    6 boys to 13 girls is going to be awfully "interesting" when the hormones really get going. From what I understand, 1 boy will service 10-12 girls, you'd probably want two at the most.

    This will also help the available free space that you should have, but not necessarily need.

    As for taking care of them, it sounds like you are doing very well!

    As for eggs, be patient, they will lay. Probably sooner than later.

    Babies? Well, address the above issues first and then it will all fall into place. [​IMG] Incubators will help this issue also.

    Good luck.

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