Meal worm questions


7 Years
Jul 2, 2012
P.E.I, Canada
I was wondering why meal worms are good for chickens? Also, does any extra scraps in the bin rot and kill the worms? Just some questions I had, because I may start a meal worm colony.
Hello! I also farm mealworm so you can feel free to PM me with questions. It is actually pretty fun. They are good for chickens because they are a get source of protein, which chickens need, and once you start farming your own they are super cheap. Chickens also LOVE them so if you want to tame or train your chickens they are useful.

You do not want to let anything rot in your mealworm bit. They will need wheat bran as their main food source, which I just buy in bulk. I add in carrots, apples and whole wheat bread because that is what I happen I personally have a lot of but you can use lots of different vegetable matter. Anything they do not eat you need to remove before it rots.

Here is a guide from the learning center. Good luck!!

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