Meal worms


8 Years
Jan 25, 2011
N. E. Alabama
chicks will be 1 week old today and yesterday we gave them some meal worms. we have 6 TSC chicks and have been giving them some sand and yogart for 3 or 4 days. one had a little pasty butt for a while and now she is good to go. back to the meal worms, they loved them!!! one, who we call blondie, really loved them. she would grab them right-away and run off to a corner and gobble them up. it took a while for the others to realize that the worms were really good to eat. that's when the grabbing and running started. pooty butt, and blondie got the most but the others got some, or at least a piece of a worm. we will give them a few more today. TW (short for the wife) boiled them and egg last night we gave them the yoke. they didn't seem to take to it very well. them TW broke the yoke ball up into smaller pieces. they ate it, but not like the worms.
Congrats on your healthy chicks! The thing a mama hen will show her peeps first is how to scratch for tasty bugs, so it's not surprising they love them. I feed my peeps freeze-dried mealworms for treats & they go wild. Your chicks will likely reject anything green --like veggies or leaves-- for a while and may not like egg yolk either. Sounds like you've found the perfect treat!
I raise mealworms for my girls - gave some to the ones in the brooder yesterday for the first time. They were ingnored for a while. The brave one, Marilyn, was the first to pick it up, ran to the corner being chased and all. Anyway, she got most of them since the others just chased her and did not look in the treat dish. They are so funny. They will get some more when I get home from work. I know it is so good for them.

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