Mealworm bedding


Oct 9, 2018
Hi all,
So after watching lots of videos on YouTube, I learned that wheat bran might be the best bedding for mealworms. And I literally drove to some of the nearest feed stores and it turned out that none of them had wheat bran.

So I’m thinking if it’s okay to use whole oats. I tried to find if they had rolled oats and they didn’t have that neither. The closest thing they have is whole oat. And I don’t like to pay $30 shipping fee to buy a $15 bag of wheat bran online. So please help. I live in south bend, IN. If there are any one who happen to know where I can get wheat bran near it, I’d really also appreciate that. Thanks!!

I used whole oats for my mealworms. It wasn’t too convenient, I eventually switched to wheat bran and I’d say wheat bran is better. I just got a couple bags of wheat bran from the grocery store.

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