Mean Barred Rock Chick

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8 Years
Jun 11, 2011
Hi! So, I have four new chicks- a BO, NHR, BA, and Zelda the Barred Rock. All the other chicks are sweet and calm but Zelda pecks me if I put my hand into the brooder to take something out or just to play with the chicks. She is very skittish and runs away if I try to pick her up, when the other chicks let me hold them. She also flaps her wings and jumps at the other chicks if they try to eat when she is. She is just generally agressive--is that a characteristic of BR's?? She's about two weeks old...
We had 4 BR's and all were very sweet. but they were skittish as they got older so no i dont think aggressiveness is a characteristic.
Hands coming down, from above, from a "giant" triggers fear and flight. It's pretty much instinct.

BRs are one of the the most gentle breeds, in my experience, but they might take some time to calm down. I find most chicks a bit flighty, regardless of breed, until they get out of the brooder and into the barn pen at 6 weeks. Slowly they grow accustomed to your presence. At 15 weeks, they squat and are very, very friendly. I suppose they consider their owner the biggest rooster who feeds them.

My guess it your little one will calm with age and you'll grow to adore her, if she indeed a she.
I agree - sounds to me like the BR is having a more typical reaction, and you've just lucked out in having three very docile chicks at this age. My last batch of chicks - they all acted like I was Jack the Ripper when I'd try to handle them (and they were SILKIES!!!). The batch before that - my BR and BA were quite friendly, while the other three were highly skittish. It's different with every group. Trust me - you will love your rock before it's all said and done - they're assertive, yes. But they're full of personality

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