Mean RI Red getting picked on


7 Years
Feb 7, 2012
New England
Our flock consists of 3, 2 year old hens and 3 pullets that were integrated 2 months ago. One of the pullets is a very mean RI Red. Mean to me, not to the others...every time she pecks/attacks, she breaks the skin. We are working on this behavior but obviously she's not my favorite. She is NOT at the bottom of the pecking order amongst the group, I don't think. We have a very timid Salmon Faverolle who has taken that position as far as I can see. But the RI Red is getting beat up by the older hens. They chase her and get on top of her to pull feathers out. She screams and runs away. They do NOT do this to the other pullets. They have never even acted this way amongst each other until the RI Red was introduced.
The RI Red goes for the treats first even when the big girls are around. I don't think the she knows her place and she's not interested in knowing it.
Has anyone had a "mean" hen get picked on? I am wondering if she is going to be persistent and "win" or if the beating up is going to get worse and she will get injured. Only time will tell.
Any comments welcome. This is my first time integrating and I am all ears. Anything I should be doing to prevent this behavior or should I just let them be? ( No bloodshed, yet)
As long as there is no blood things will probably be fine. The hens are working on the "pecking order". When she gives up and accepts the fact that she is not the boss of the flock, the other hens will leave her alone.

I have never had a hen (unless she had chicks) attack me. A good swift kick may be in order for an attitude adjustment.........
Thanks Enola! I will leave them for now and see how it goes. I have to be honest, it doesn't bother me as much to see them doing this to her because she kind of deserves it. lol
I am wondering if, when she decides to give up on being the top hen and the others finally put her in her place, she might chill out with me. One can hope.
She has made some progress. We have been holding her down ( as a rooster would) when she pecks. She's very skiddish at sudden movements so I have been aware of that. Lately she will come up to me on her terms and poke around, being very inquisitive...and will even eat out of my hand. Hoping she realizes I'm the good guy soon! She was hatched in April with the other two pulletts and they are very sweet. She clearly has personality issues. ;)

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