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Jul 10, 2010
I have a 10 month old RIR rooster that will attack anyone that comes around if they get too close. I have two small grandchildren that are scared of him and I also will not they go around him without me present. I also have a 10 month old RIR hen that is sitting on 8 eggs that should hatch Friday. Odd are that a few of these chicks will be roosters. Will they be mean also, are is there a chanse that they will have a better aditude. Thanks for any reply. Benny
Like generally begets like, but hopefully not all of the cockerels will be nasty. Cull those that are human aggressive. A large rooster can do serious damage to a child's face or eyes.
Agreed! I experienced this as a child. I raised Cornish and RIR and Doms. I had to walk around with a stick for fear they would spur me. Perhaps you should try to rehome him??? Just a thought
I agree cull the roo. I have a RIR roo that was aggresive at that age, but we have an understanding now. It is called a broom!!. But since you have babies just cull hime.
I also have the same problem with a Roo who I raised from a chick. He attacks me and has drawn blood on more than one occasion. I am a vegetarian & animal lover so killing him is not an option but I do have an appointment with the vet on Friday to have his beak & nails trimmed. Has anyone tried this before?
There are way too many good roosters out there to tolerate a mean one. If either of my boys "goes bad" then they will certainly make it into the stew pot. I was harassed by some mean roos as a kid and I won't tolerate mine doing that to anyone.

Well with the exception of my Silver Sebrights. They absolutely love to chase my SIL when she walks through the yard. They occasionally peck her shoes or shoe laces but nothing harmful. Just hilarious.
I've seen more threads on mean RIRs than any other breed I think. Working with your rooster takes time but if you keep at it, it will work.
I don't have the time for a mean roo so I send mine to freezer camp (fresh chicken is addicting)plus I already have 3 good roosters.
you can train roosters...i have a rir rooster that is very mellow and at 10 months has only tried the wing dance once. i chased him around the yard and put him in a football hold. I wont allow a nasty rooster and he knows it.
Thanks for the info on "taming" ur roosters! I took on the responsibility of "chickens" and am willing to take the time to try and tame him. Again I'm a vegetarian so making him dinner is not an option.

I do wish more people raised their own meat or at least bought from local farmers as opposed to grocery stores. If they only knew where their meat came from they may think twice about where they purchase it from...

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