Mean Rooster Question - Bad timing for vacation???


6 Years
Aug 4, 2015
Background: I have a Black Copper Maran Rooster that is just under 5 months old. He started crowing about 2 weeks ago and has been mating the girls for about 3 weeks. Beautiful bird - just getting his colors. He came from a prize winning egg and I wanted to breed him over my maran hen for the dark eggs.

Issue: I just got back from a weeks vacation - I've had no issues with him in the past. We had the flock locked up in their house/run for the entire week (usually they free range). When I opened the run and went in to water them - he attacked me. Did it 2 more times. I stood my ground and gave him a good wack - but he still seems to have turned mean.

Question: Is it possible he has just matured a bunch the last week w/ me gone and is challenging me as the top dog now that I'm back? AND - When he loses that challenge he will mellow out? or is he pretty much 'Chicken Dinner'? RELATED: if he is just challenging me - is it possible he won't bother my wife and the kids? I've heard mean is mean - but maybe this is transient behavior. Our last rooster would get aggressive with the kids at times (if they scared the girls) - but he would never bother me. This one is coming after me directly.
Not sure about a chicken's memory span. He may now regard you as a stranger. Tomorrow when he comes at you (and he most likely will) grab him and force him to the ground firmly. Hold him there until he stops struggling. Release him, but keep an eye on him. If he comes at you again repeat the procedure. "Don't kick, hit or swat at him as this will reinforce his instinct to fight back. He needs to be subordinated to realize that you are BOSS. Even if he gets to be good with you, I would never trust him around the kids. A rooster that size can do serious damage. Good luck at resolving this.
I figured he was going to be done as our rooster - bummer because he is an impressive bird - and I need to find another rooster.

Thanks for the advice on pushing him down rather than swatting him - that makes sense. I'll try that tomorrow as I figure out whether to eat or try to sell him.

Another thing that sometimes works is scooping him up in a short handled fishing net and carrying him around while you do your chores - they hate that. Remember when you were a teenager and positive that you could kick the butt of the world? That's where his testosterone level has him right now. Sometimes they settle down as they mature.
If he doesn't reform, please don't sell him without full disclosure. He will need to be someone's dinner, not a sire. I'm in southern Michigan, and have two BC Marans cockrels, nine weeks old next Monday. They are from a show line, and available. Too young to evaluate temperament, although their sire is a gentleman. I do hope that your boy shapes up! Mary

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