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    Feb 10, 2009
    Hello all, I have a question about my rooster. He has picked one hen that he doesnt like for some reason. He is a barred rock and she is a leghorn. It started about a month ago he beat the tar out of he when i got there i thought a coon or somthing got her. he had her ate up. Now when he gets mad he goes and looks for her to bully. I have put a dog crate in the coop for her and she knows to go in there when i put them up for the night so I can lock her up. She lays good again now but I get tired of her being the outcast none of the hens pay her any attention but they free range during the day and he wont let her join the flock when they are outside. Sorry this is so long any help please. He is about to go to the pot for sunday dinner but he doesnt bother any other hens. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP
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    Unless you can put them in two different coops I would have to say Sunday dinner [​IMG] Then get you a new rooster for your hens.

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