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    Help, Now I know a rooster is there to protect his brood but from ME?? I feed and water and they got a great coop. I had a cute roo but nature took its corse and a hawk got me cutie :-( Now I've got a new Roo and I got him from craigslist. the lady that owned him before said he was nice and knew him name and was friendly....except to the lil tiny chicken she kept in the house..... NOW, my problem is, I've only had this guy for two days and he keeps ATTACKING me. I just went out to check on everyone and he reared up and came at me. This guy IS NOT FRIENDLY. now I have a wound on my leg and a ticked off attitude. In the spring I'm going to let everyone out to the yard, but untill we have a bit less snow they are safe in the coop/pen. So, whats up with me... what do I do so I don't get beatten when attending my group?
    Help, I really like having a roo, and I feel that when they are let to roam my yard, he will come in handy, but in the meantime....I need less wounds.
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    I've been in that same situation. I had to carry a rolled up magazine with me every time I went out to the coop. When my rooster came at me, I would just whack the crap out of him with it. Still he came at me relentlessly, so finallly I had to get rid of him.

    It took me a few times to find a nice rooster. They do settle down a bit when they age sometimes, so maybe just give him a chance, but show no fear and give him a good whack or even several whacks to make your point that you are the boss.

    If it doesn't work out, have him for dinner!
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    I had the same problem with my roo even though i bought him up from the day he hatched. Almost from the minute his hormones kicked in and started mating the hens he turned nasty on me, before this he was ok with me, i picked him up often and carried him around, making a fuss of him.
    It started with small pecks to my shoes when i went into the run, whith in a few weeks he was jumping up at me and attacking me, i had to go outside with a broom in my hand to keep him away from me.
    I was sadened by his behaviour as i wanted to use him to breed chicks in the spring, but have now had to change my plans as i cannot have a mean rooster in my flock, i have children and grandchildren that spend a lot of time in my garden with the chickens.
    Not sure of what we are going to do with him yet, my husband wants to eat him [​IMG], but i would rather send him to my friends farm.
    I have read a lot on hear about mean roosters and from what i have read, more often than not these mean roosters seem to stay mean.
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    May 23, 2011
    I have two roos that try to intimidate whoever goes near the flock. Hubby and I push them down on their backs and chase them down for a good few minutes. we don't hurt them, we just remind them that we're much bigger and tougher than they are. We've been doing this for a couple of months now and have also got my two kids (9 & 10 doing it too). It seems to be working just fine as they really don't bother us that much anymore, infact one of them I can pick up and walk around with and he'll fall asleep in my arms. Persistance is the key! However, as yours are currently penned that may be difficult. I'd let them out to free range and then lock them in at night. Good luck
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    Hi, I'm just a lurker that needed to find out about natural worming. The Wazine kind of scares me...
    Anyway, I ran across this thread and thought I'd tell of our experience since it may help your situation.
    We have a rooster named Charlie and he attempted to be mean, lol, but each time he'd come running
    after me I'd just simply bend over and pick him up and start petting him. It's important to note that I did this
    from day one of him starting to be aggressive so he obviously wasn't an experienced fighter yet, lol. Charlie
    had my husband running in fear after a couple of attacks, lol, but he took my advice and started picking
    him up and petting him until Charlie was wiggling to get away. Doing this has fixed our problem and Charlie
    no longer attacks at all. He will still run up to us aggressively sometimes, and we simple pick him up and
    pet him and love on him nicely, until he wiggles to get away from us.

    Charlie is almost 1 year old and we've had him since he was first hatched. We also only have 14 chickens
    so they are all pretty well socialized with us. They have free run of our entire backyard and are allowed in
    the house if we think anything may be wrong with them. Just recently Charlie was sick and lived in the house
    for 3 days until he was feeling better. Our interactions with all the chickens may play a big part in why Charlie
    is a nice rooster. But I don't know since he did attempt to be mean when he was about 6-8 months old. I also
    don't know if this would help/work with an older, established rooster from Craigslist. I just thought I'd give our
    experience in hopes that it might help to some degree.
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