Mearns quail

Hows the best way to keep mearns quail

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Oct 10, 2018
Hey good afternoon. I have two pairs of mearns quail and now I have 13 young ones moslty feathered out. I am wanting ideas on how best to keep them, in pair,s trios or in one big colony. A few years ago I had a quad and my one mearns hen scalped another hen and got extremely agressive. Whats best? Any help would be great. Thanks Johnny Pinkham
If you have two pairs and those are fine, and you have previously had a group with more hens that didn't work, I'd say you've pretty much answered your own question. Unfortunately I know very little about mearns quail, but from your description I'd go for pairs.
Hey thanks allot for getting back to me. Yea you are right but I'm planning on keeping all of these 17..... as breeders. The two pairs i have didn't lay at all this year so I'm afraid thats maybe why they weren't agressive. I got 9 eggs and 8 chicks from a friend. But id like to keep them all as breeders. But true tjey are getting along fine right now.
I haven't raised Mearns before but everything I have heard or read about them, it's best to keep in pairs. Otherwise, as you found out they will fight.

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