Measurment question .How many pullet eggs = 1 large or one medium egg?

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    My Production Reds are only 5 months old today and have been laying for about one month now.My question is because the hens are still young and their eggs are often on the small side what number of pullet eggs = medium or large eggs in standard recipes. For example one New York Style Cheesecake recipe calls for 5 large eggs. What would the conversion be in this case?
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    Best to weigh them or measure the volume.
    Approximate equivalents from Rose Berenbaum's "The Cake Bible:"

    1 "large" egg = 1.5 fluid ounces = 1.75 ounces (by weight, without shell) = 50 grams (without shell)

    1 "large" egg yolk = 3.5 tsp by volume= 0.5 ounces (by weight)= 18 grams

    1 "large" egg white = 2 tablespoons= 1.05 ounces (by weight)= 30 grams

    Note that the white+yolk values don't add up exactly to the whole egg figures. I don't know why that is, but obviously it is an approximation.

    Anyway, you can take the amount of large eggs in your recipe, determine what the total volume or weight should be, and then use enough small eggs to equal the correct amount.
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    Best to measure a couple of store bought eggs in a Pyrex measuring cup so you can SEE their volume.
    The measurements that VERLA quoted are spot on, match everything I was taught in chef school...

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