Meat and Veggie based diet

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    Jun 25, 2015
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    I was reading another interesting topic and there was a post about the Jungle fowl. I already knew that in places where people don't grow grain they live mostly on root vegetables. It would make sense that if they had to they would supplement their free range chicken with this so can I get a list of suitable substitutes for both cold and warm months? I ask because I don't have the space to feed grow grain but want to try my hand at gardening. I'm also on a look out for a website that has good deals on ordering feed online. I can't seem to find quail feed locally. I may have to buy/make chicken feed and add more protein. Whatever I do how do I figure out how much protein, carbs and fat a mix I make or buy has? Oh and I was also thinking of growing black soldier flies and red wigglers for the protein.

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    Farm&Home stores carry game bird feed. The one by me has both starter and maintenance feed.

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