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    Not sure if everyone in here has seen the contest for writing articles here:

    I've been slowly working on trying to get a good "master list" of info about meaties to have set up as a Learning Center page. There are things that could be added - some I've thought about, and probably more that haven't been found.

    Wanted to make you all aware of the contest that is going on, and if you already have or want to create a new page that is regarding meaties, I'd like to build up this "Master Meaty Page" by linking to articles - I have a few written, and few links to some of the great posts. Now would be a good time to make a page about something helpful related to raising poultry for meat, so we can have nice, comprehensive place with lots of information :)

    Just thought I'd throw it out there. If you do make a page up, make sure to post it in the contest thread, and if you could PM me, I'd be happy to link to it from the central Meatie page :)


    Oh, and here's the page I'm working on:
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