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May 27, 2020
This is my first time raising Cornish rocks a friend of mine has done them in the past and when I just sent her a picture she questioned why do they have pinkish legs and not all of them have yellow I am looking for the answer to that if there is one


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Where did you purchase or which particular breed do you have? Call the breeder to see if pink feet are a concern or a selected trait. I'm guessing neither are cause for concern since all appear to have pink feet.

If the chickens are healthy, active and growing, why worry about their feet color?

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That is interesting, thanks for posting and including a photo. Most Cornish Rocks in the US have yellow feet because that gives a preferred skin color to the carcass. People in other places may prefer other skin colors. But I don't think that's it. I see some with yellow legs. And I think the same strains of Cornish Rocks are used worldwide.

Leg color is genetic. It can even be sex linked but I don't recall the details of how that works. It would be interesting to know what strain of Cornish Rock those are but that information isn't always readily available. I suspect it has something to do with genetics but I don't know what. It is a mystery. If you know where they were hatched you could maybe question them.

I agree. As long as they are healthy and growing I don't see any problems unless you have a problem with the skin color on the carcass.

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