Meat birds. Is it worth the effort? And what do I do next?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by Pollokeeper, Jun 16, 2010.

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    May 21, 2010
    Quote:it think it was meant to say
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    Here's another pic of my White Rock at 12 1/2 weeks. The Rocks are filling out a little more.

    ETA: That is a 2 gal. waterer for size comparison.

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    Feb 17, 2010
    If all you're considering is cost, it's probably not worth it (unless you're comparing the cost to store bought organic, free-range chicken, in which case I think raising your own ends up being a little cheaper, depending). But for me, it's worth it. I don't raise them to save money per say, I raise them to have high-quality, free-range, humanely raised meat (and while we're not raising them strictly USDA organic, they effectively are, other than their mareks vax).
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    The OP is in Panama. He/she may not have access to the same things you can get here. Or, pricing may be higher/lower than it is here.

    IMO, the chickens we raise ourselves beat the heck out of supermarket birds. They aren't cheaper, but they're better. If we bought free-range at a heath food store, it would be more expensive than we can raise them for. Plus it would be a 150 mile round trip to get them. So we raise ours, the cost is higher than supermarket, lower than a health food store. The meat's healthy and very tasty.

    Pollokeeper, it's been awhile since this was first posted, have you raised any birds yet?
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    Quote:Ahhhhh......Panama....I was there in 94. I was an MP in the Army, miraflores locks...Fort Clayton.....Noriega's ex military running wild.....they just didnt want to accept defeat.......Night Op's in the jungle........The "secret cave" in the side of the mountain for Mil Intel - that was never much of a secret........Good times, good times. Craazy times too!! Depending on which side of the Bridge of America's your were on LOL

    Definitely a high-lite of my military career. I still have the license plate from a car that was "lit up" because the driver couldnt/wouldnt follow simple commands, in my attic somewhere. I met my wife while there as well, she transferred into my unit. I still have her too, but I dont keep her in the attic.

    Sorry folks, back to the regularly scheduled thread.

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