Meat birds with nice feathers, how long til processing?


9 Years
Sep 29, 2010
Bucks County, PA
My sister just asked me to recommend a meat bird or dual purpose bird that has nice feathers. My sister wants the meat. My mother wants the feathers for crafts. They are in north central Pennsylvania so the spring and fall can be quite cold and even the summers often don't get too hot and still have cool nights, so birds that tolerate the cold is more important than heat tolerance. They probably wouldn't raise meat birds during the winter of course, but it does get bitter cold in the winter. Does anyone have any recommendations?

If they chose to go with a dual purpose breed and keep some hens for layers, how long does it usually take for the roos to get to processing size?
i would just go w/ some freedom rangers. the hatchery is close by and the birds come in a wide range of colors and various patterns such as barring and lacing. the hackles on some of the boys are beautiful. they should be done in 12-14 weeks depending on how you raise them.

and of course... the meat is OUTSTANDING!

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