Meat chicken coop question ?


5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
I'm raising 40 meat chickens to butcher them in 7 weeks as of right now they are only 5 days old I need to build a coop but here's where the trouble starts I do not wanna spend a lot of money on it because in six weeks they will all be gone so there is no need to get crazy with something I won't be using. What is the cheapest easy way to build a coop that keeps them safe but doesn't cost me a lot of money is there some way to build it so that once there gone I can take it back down until it is needed again ? I'm kinda stuck on what to do I don't wanna build some extravagant nice coop that sits empty half the time but I do want some thing that keeps them safe and secure till harvest time. Any advice would be much appreciated thank you and God bless!
I'd suggest a "hoop coop" (there are tons of threads about them here and lot of articles, etc to be found on Google) - if you did it right, you may be able to configure the frame in such a way you could collapse it and store it between uses
hoop coop is the way to go for what you want this was one I built using 100% recycled Materials layin around. It be the easiest to take down

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